Grow Your Gratitude, Grow Your Sales

BY Jessica Helinski
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Expressing gratitude helps people feel positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships,” according to a study done by Harvard. And this is true for both personal and professional lives. Having an attitude of gratitude can improve every aspect of one’s life; it just takes the right mindset to cultivate it. We often work on doing so from a personal perspective, from writing in gratitude journals to writing thank-​you notes for gifts. This is not always the case when it comes to careers. 

How can you express gratitude as a salesperson? Sales Hacker’s Brendan Kamm examines how reps can show appreciation from a professional standpoint.

Opportunities for gratitude

There are missed opportunities when it comes to strategically utilizing appreciation and gratitude in the business world,” Kamm writes. “To remedy this, we can nurture and fortify business relationships, grow sales funnels, and improve client relations just by introducing a little thankfulness.”

He goes on to highlight just a few ways salespeople can show gratitude to others, and by doing so, enhance their own satisfaction and success. The key, as you will notice, is nurturing relationships with others. As he points out, reps have so many opportunities to reach out to others and convey appreciation. One just has to recognize these chances.

Reach out and thank those who refer you

One opportunity to observe and express gratitude is thanking anyone who gives you a referral. Sure, you most likely feel thankful for referrals, but Kamm wonders, how often do you follow through by reaching out? “Rarely are we fully capitalizing on these golden opportunities to truly differentiate ourselves,” he writes. “Showing your gratitude may include a handwritten thank-​you card or a small gesture (e.g. a cup of coffee to kick start the day), both of which will go farther than a simple thank-​you email.”

Going above and beyond a quick “thanks” will not only set you apart, but also nurture your feelings of appreciation. Taking the time to sit and write out why you are thankful will connect you more deeply to that gratitude. Setting aside time to focus on being thankful will nurture that mindset, leading you to more easily tap into feelings of appreciation. 

To start, Kamm recommends taking note of any time someone gives you a referral, whether it’s a traditional one or a simple introduction on LinkedIn. Doing this makes sure that you don’t miss anyone, and you have a visual reminder to reach out. 

Check in with a client

When was the last time you thanked a client for simply doing business with you? Showing gratitude to current clients makes them feel appreciated and encourages loyalty. It also nurtures your appreciation for those who you are currently working with, something you may neglect in the constant pursuit of new business. 

As Rachel Cagle writes for SalesFuel, “It may not seem like much, but contacting your clients to see how everything is going is a great way to prove to them that you are invested in more than just the sale. If your client's money is already in your company's bank account and you are still taking the time to reach out, that is when they will know for sure that you care about them.”

Keep in mind that when sending out these communications, personalize them as much as possible. Your show of gratitude will come across as more genuine than shooting out a generic email. Mention specifics as to why you value them and their business. You can even consider offering up something of value in return to further show appreciation. 

Embrace gratitude to grow sales

The more you look for opportunities to embrace gratitude, the more you will find. By looking at your selling experience through a lens of appreciation, you achieve so many things. From growing relationships to nurturing a positive mindset, you set yourself, and others, up for continued success. 

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels