Habits to Break Now to Boost Professionalism

BY Jessica Helinski
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Are small habits making you look unprofessional? You may not realize that unconscious actions are giving away your anxieties or boredom, according to an Inc. article by Rachel Gillett. But, just by identifying them, you can work to overcome these tell-​tale habits and make a better impression on others. In her article, Gillett identifies 11 common habits and explains why you should nix them for good to maintain your professional image. Below are a few from her list:

  • Phone-​checking. If you can’t keep your hands (or eyes) off of your phone, you show others around you that they aren’t as interesting or important as your mobile device. Show your colleagues respect by stashing your phone somewhere that is out of reach.
  • Avoiding eye contact. Not meeting others’ eyes can give a bad impression, and you may come across as nervous, untrustworthy, unprepared, etc. Strive to make eye contact at least half of the time you are conversing with someone.
  • Restless hands. If you find that you are wringing or rubbing your hands, it’s likely your colleagues are noticing, too. Make a conscious effort to keep your palms rested on your knees or hands folded on a desk.
  • Speed talking. When anxious or excited, many people ramble, making it difficult for others to understand them. When speaking with others, concentrate on matching their speaking cadence and volume. This will increase your clarity of speech and relatability.

A polished image can do wonders for your sales and customer service. Consider Gillett’s advice, and don’t let little habits tarnish your professionalism!