Handyman Services Promote Their Contactless Services and Cleanup

BY Rachel Cagle
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"In the prepandemic world, hosting a repairperson, handyman, or contractor would have meant checking ID at the door, asking the pro to wipe his feet before entering, and talking face-​to-​face about the issue at hand. But in the new reality of the coronavirus, there was so much more to think about," says Consumer Reports.

Now, having someone over to fix a problem in a house or apartment is causing more anxiety than ever with Americans worrying about exposure to the coronavirus. Handyman and repair service companies can ease customers' minds by promoting the extra safety precautions they are taking during these difficult times, including testing their employees, making their payments contactless and taking steps to disinfect the work area after the services have been completed.

These are real concerns for Handyman Service Customers, and these businesses can promote the safety measures their employees are taking so that customers don't have to with advertisements, both digital and traditional. Last year, these consumers took action after receiving direct mail ads, seeing TV commercials and finding ads on daily deals sites such as Groupon, according to AudienceSCAN.

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