Hate Asking for Referrals? Try This Instead

BY Jessica Helinski
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How do you feel about asking for referrals? Despite being an incredibly valuable way to gain new business, many reps still shy away from doing so. “Referrals are the simplest, most consistent way to fill your sales pipeline,” Marc Wayshak writes in a recent Entrepreneur article. While there isn’t much to lose by asking, he points out that there is lots that can be lost by not asking.

He goes on to share how reps can grow their sales through referrals — without the discomfort of asking outright. Each step is simple and should be easy even for the shyest rep:

Ask for introductions. You don’t have to get referrals by literally asking for them. Simply requesting introductions can do wonders for lead generation. Rather than flat-​out asking to be referred, ask a client to introduce you to someone who could benefit from your business. “This approach gets rid of the ambiguity of referrals and instead tells your contact exactly how they can help you connect with the prospects you want to meet,” Wayshak explains.

Devote 15 minutes. Each day, set aside 15 minutes to ask for one introduction. Brainstorm a list of those who can introduce you (clients, prospects, family members, friends, etc.) and soon, this daily task will become a habit. And, those introductions will quickly add up. “You’ll gain five new introductions every week, ultimately leading to 250 introductions every year,” he points out. “Can you imagine how 250 introductions would transform your business?”

These are just two of the three steps that Wayshak shares. For reps who dread directly asking for referrals, this helps them grow business by referrals in a more comfortable way. Don’t miss the opportunity to keep your pipeline full. As Wayshak writes, “now you know three simple steps to transform your business through introductions — how will you begin following these steps in your own business?”