Help Your Clients Build Trust And Sales With The Right Digital Presence

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are you doing enough to help your clients build trust through their marketing messages? As your mom probably advised: you never have a second chance to make a good first impression. For many businesses, advertising messages make the first connection with consumers.

Since most consumers are searching online before they actually reach out to a business, your clients’ digital presence can be a deal breaker or maker. Zen Media founder and CEO Shama Hyder, in her Inc​.com column, recommends you start with your client's website. Does your client even have a website? If not, it's time to create one. If they have a website, when’s the last time they updated the pages? Consumers who encounter a website that’s slow to load will quickly move on. Their eyes will glaze over if they find themselves looking at flashing images and colors that clash. While not everyone’s a grammarian, those who do care about spelling will notice errors right away.

The more online visibility your client has, the more potential shoppers will engage. Your clients may not have the time or expertise to manage reviews. So, sell them on a service package. Show them the steps you’ll take to encourage customers to leave reviews and engage in public dialog.

Remind them that negative reviews aren’t always bad. As along as there aren’t too many of them. Responding quickly and visibly to negative reviews shows consumers, and potential customers, that your client will work hard to keep customers happy.

When you work with a client to improve every aspect of their online presence, consumers will notice consistency and accuracy. To show your clients how they measure up against the competition, run a Digital Audit on AdMall from SalesFuel. Then, discuss the results and the steps you can take to improve their numbers.