Help Your Client Achieve 25% Purchase Rates With These Retargeting Tips

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients hitting the right balance with their retargeting efforts? Today’s successful marketers can expect a sale from about 25% of their targets. Here’s what it takes to achieve that number.

The Remarketing Spotlight report from Performics reveals that consumers are more accepting of this advertising form in specific categories. Up to 37% of surveyed consumers appreciate retargeting ads when they are shopping for apparel items. Nearly as many, 35%, say the same about consumer electronics. However, only 19% like seeing retargeting messages for health care related and beauty products. The number is much lower, 6%, for the finance category.

Retargeting Frequency

Consumers are all too familiar with seeing several messages about the tennis racket, for example, that they checked out, but didn’t purchase. While they may be contemplating the purchase of a specific item, they don’t want to be reminded about it constantly. In fact, 50% of folks say seeing one message during the week following their shopping session is sufficient. 

In addition, they don’t want reminders to go on endlessly. The following percentages of shoppers will put up with being remarketed to for these lengths of time:

  • One day: 39%
  • Two-​three days: 24%
  • One week: 21%

Why should marketers cut off their campaigns after one week? It’s likely that shoppers either bought the item somewhere else or they’ve decided not to make the purchase at all.

Best Retargeting Sites

Of course your clients want to connect with consumers and capture the 25% who will respond to retargeting messages. They can increase their chances by running ads on sites that consumers find most acceptable for this purpose. This includes the retailer’s own site (29%) and Facebook (24%).  When marketers run ads on visual content sites, the results aren’t as positive. Only 12% say YouTube is appropriate for this purpose. And only 9% of consumers want to encounter retargeting ads on Instagram.

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