Help Your Client Stand Out as an Email Marketer

BY Rachel Cagle
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What makes emails stand out to consumers? Turns out, the answer has recently changed. According to Mail Munch, “What customers liked a couple years ago does not appeal to them anymore.” Considering every $1 an email marketer spends brings in revenue of $51, it’s important to keep up with today’s email marketing trends. Here are a few you need to know.

Help Your Client Stand Out as an Email Marketer

Show Emotion in Your Writing

Salespeople aren’t the only ones who can benefit from adding empathy to their email messages. The pandemic was a hard time for many people. We’re on the brink of a recession. Times are tough. Consumers are being careful with their money and what they invest it in. Email marketers need to keep that in mind when crafting their ad messaging.

Emotionally intelligent messaging will gain momentum and email marketers must be open to pivoting their messaging, particularly if there is any regional emergency or a sensitive situation crops up,” says Main Munch. That includes knowing when to send and not to send emails. If a tragic event happens to an area consumers are in, consider advising your client to hold off sending promotional emails to them for a day or two. Then, they can send out an empathetic email that features how their product or service can help alleviate some of their pain or help them meet their new goals.

Agile Email Marketing

The best way to achieve your client’s emotional/​empathetic email goals is to practice agile email marketing. Agile email marketing is still a new concept to many email marketers. It uses a modular process, focusing on data and subscribers’ needs, to allow your client to send effective emails faster, says HubSpot. Faster email sends are important since the average email takes two or more weeks to create activity for 53% of brands, says Mail Munch. That timeline doesn’t give your client a chance to respond to new trends, emergencies, etc. in time to be relevant. Check out the full HubSpot article to learn how your client can put agile email marketing into action before their competitors do.

Email Automation

Of course, not every message consumers receive from email marketers needs to be worded in a way that sounds overly personal and unique. People expect welcome, cart abandonment and the like to be fairly generic. So, you can automate the tasks for those emails to continue to drive business growth while saving email teams some time and effort better spent on different projects.

Utilize BIMI

Consumers are more likely to open emails from the people or businesses they know or at least recognize. BIMI can help your client accomplish this. BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. You know that circle to the left of each email’s subject line in an inbox that either displays the sender’s initials or a logo? BIMI makes sure that that circle contains your client’s logo. According to Mail Munch, utilizing BIMI helps email marketers:

  • Build trust with recipients
  • Protect the brand from phishing or spoofing attempts
  • Boost email visibility/​help emails stand out from the competition
  • Ensure optimum email deliverability rates by serving as proof of legitimacy
  • Achieve higher conversion rates

Email Marketing and Your Client

Want some more details on your client’s target audience’s demographic, how they respond to email marketing, what types of messaging they prefer, etc.? Look up their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. Combine the information you find there with the tips from this post and your client will have an email marketing strategy that is bound to get them the best ROI they could hope for (or more).

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