Sales Rep Organization: How to Get Organized at Work

BY Jessica Helinski
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How did your Monday morning go this week? Was it productive, or do you need to know how to get organized at work, especially on one of the roughest days of the week to get through? Be honest as you think about these questions. If your Monday mornings are usually disorganized attempts to catch up after a crazy weekend, you need a new game plan in order to increase productivity. Instead of randomly doing things ranked based on how much you feel like doing them, focus on pressing needs. That’s the advice from sales pro S. Anthony Iannarino. In a recent post, he suggests eight things that salespeople should do when they begin work on Monday. His sales rep organization list includes:

  • Educating yourself. Audiobooks and podcasts are great ways to learn more on-​the-​go (like during the morning commute) or even while brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. Do you take a train or bus to work? Consider using the commute time to read industry news or books.
  • Prospecting. Instead of catching up with co-​workers by the coffeemaker or sifting through a pile of junk mail, use your first hour of work to investigate leads. No matter what happens the rest of the business day, you will have gotten your most important task completed first thing.
  • Nurturing. Take a moment to nurture at least one relationship. “Share something of value, something that will help them understand something about themselves and their business and compel them to change,” Iannarino explains. This little bit of nurturing can go a long way in building value.
  • Moving late-​cycle deals. You’re so close; don’t put off moving deals forward until later in the week. It's surprising how decisions can shift over the course of a weekend!

How to Get Organized at Work

Once you have the right mindset on Monday mornings, look at your calendar for the rest of the week. Do you need to block off an hour every day to enter information into the CRM? Properly using your CRM will allow you to productively determine what each prospect needs. Sure, everybody likes to complain about what's wrong with the CRM. But part of the problem with the CRM may be your inability to use it properly. Have you dedicated enough of your time learning how to use the best features of your CRM? If not, set aside an hour or two and study what you need to know in order to make the most of it.

Beyond that, there's the need to manage yourself to achieve sales rep organization. Do you regularly arrive at work breathless and late? Why not adjust your personal schedule to allow plenty of time to finish your morning activities, like working out or feeding the pets? That way, you'll be ready to direct your undivided attention to work as soon as you arrive at the proper time.

Iannarino’s suggestions and planning ahead, can help you get your week off to a productive start. Devote time to learning how to get organized at work. Before long, you will find far yourself ahead of less-​disciplined competitors.