Here's Your New Secret Customer Service Weapon and How to Use It

BY Rachel Cagle
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Nearly everyone prefers things that are customized specifically for them. We shop around until we find cars that reflect our personalities, we buy clothes that we feel make us as individuals look good, and we customize our food orders until they’re exactly what we want. So, why are we acting as if customer service doesn’t have to be any different?

According to Ivan Bojanic’s article, “Customization is the New Black: The Age of the Passive Consumer is Decidedly Over,” personalized products mean enough to 71% of consumers that they’re willing to pay more for them. He goes on to say that helping create something triggers the positive feelings of being in control and that something is your own. Both of those emotions often lead to a sense of comfort. The same emotions are also exceedingly important for your clients to feel when they interact with you if you want to keep their business for the long haul.

The great part about personalizing your service is that you don’t have to come up with a plan all by yourself. Like Bojanic said, clients like to get involved. So, whether they’re old or fairly new, reach out to your clients and ask for their feedback on your service. What’s working for them? What isn’t? What changes would they like to see? Can the good parts of your service be improved on? The list of questions you could ask goes on and on and your clients will be more than happy to indulge your curiosity since they’ll be able to get a service plan that meets their unique wants and needs.

To keep your clients enchanted by your service, you should occasionally sneak in little personal touches they’re not expecting. It shows that you’re putting thought into serving them and know them well enough to put smiles on their faces through little gestures. One example Bojanic lists is customized packaging, especially on products your client is used to getting. Receiving a customized product is more appealing to your client because what seemed mundane suddenly has a new twist.

So change the packaging on your products occasionally, reformat that email, send the small gift on their birthday. If you keep things fresh, exciting, and personalized, your clients will be more inclined to keep buying from you. Combine that with customer service that they helped you shape specifically for them, and they’ll have trouble finding any other business that could even hold a candle to yours.