Here’s Why Your Clients Need More Female Voices in Their Ad Campaigns

BY Kathy Crosett
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You and your clients probably know that women control the purse strings to many household purchases. To influence these consumers to buy a new brand or product, marketers spend huge sums developing creative ad campaigns. In a new study, analysts report that advertisers are missing the mark because of the voices they use in ad campaigns.

Pierre Bouvard’s report for Westwood One cites Nielsen data about the importance of creative in an ad campaign. Marketers link the creative aspects of an ad campaign to 50% “of all sales lift.” So, what constitutes creative?

Female Shoppers

Voice is one aspect — specifically, the female voice. Research shows that marketers use male voices for the majority of advertising. Yet, women are 14% more likely to rate an ad as favorable when they hear a female voice as part of the creative. Women also say female voices in ad campaigns:

  • Boost brand recall 11% (11% higher than when a male voice is used)
  • Are relevant +9%
  • Are memorable +8%
  • Are engaging +5%

Your clients should also know that women drive over 90% of the “purchases for vacations, new homes, food and grocery, and medications.”

Consumer Responses to Female Voices in Ads

When women hear female voices in ads, they have a positive response to the retailer and say:

  • The retailer is a place for someone like me +11%
  • I would be comfortable shopping there +8%
  • The store provides tools and advice so I can do a project myself +6%

Women aren’t the only ones who appreciate hearing female voices in ad campaigns. The Advertising Benchmark Index reports that men’s impressions of an ad that contains a female voice rise 5% when compared to an ad that features a male voice.

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