How High is this Pivotal Part of Sales on Your Priority List?

BY Rachel Cagle

There is a long list of benefits that accompanies maintaining existing clients. One of these, according
to Kristina Cisnero’s article “Maintaining Customer Relationships Is Easier Than You Think: Let Us Show You How,” is that existing customers are 60% – 70% more likely to buy what you are selling than a potential client is. You only have a 5% – 20% likelihood of closing a prospect. This is yet another reason why client retention should be at the top of every B‑to‑B salesperson’s list of priorities. In Cisnero’s article, she also lists helpful ways to preserve your good business relationship with your clients.

1.     Talk with Them

Whether it be concerns, problems or helpful feedback, you will never know what your client is thinking if you don’t keep in contact with them. Listening to your clients can key you into each one’s potential needs before those situations have the chance to fully develop. Communication will result in a higher efficiency in your business relationship. And, if your client knows they can come to you with feedback, they will be less likely to go looking for that quality in another media sales rep.

2.     Be Honest

No one likes having things hidden from them and your clients are no different. Honesty goes a long way in maintaining good relationships. It ensures that you won’t make promises you can’t keep in the event of a bad situation that you might have otherwise tried to keep under wraps. If you admit to problems, it could help your business relationship grow as your client is kept updated during your process of fixing it.

3.     Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Your clients chose you because of the unique benefits you offer. If you show your clients that their needs are your top priority, you will develop increased camaraderie and loyalty.

If you build relationships on these strong foundations, you’ll keep your clients in the long run. The needs of your clients should always be of the greatest importance to you.