Home Health Care Agencies Seek Advertising Help

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As the U.S. population ages, consumers are looking for alternatives to nursing homes and retirement centers. Hiring a home health care service allows consumers to age-in-place. With this industry growing rapidly, individual businesses are changing tactics to advertise more effectively to potential clients.

The home health care industry is populated by small companies that operate multiple franchises in a region. Private equity investors have begun to buy up these businesses. The investors anticipate a good return on their money as they work inefficiencies out of the current operating models.

Because of increasing competition in this marketplace, experts say that ad spending will increase. The well-capitalized new owners of some of the franchised home health care businesses are willing to spend more on advertising to increase their market share.

Franchise Owners' Ad Strategies

Two specific advertising tactics are becoming popular. Franchise owners are creating more materials that can be customized by local franchisees. In some regions of the U.S., ads that have an edgy tone are doing well. For example, ads may encourage family members to fight back against a future that involves a nursing home. Instead, home health care agencies push an agenda of independent living with assistance from a caregiver.

Franchisee Ad Tactics

Radio and online advertising are performing well for home health care agencies. Videos that inform, educate and entertain can also capture consumer attention. In addition, home health care agencies are showing up at community events to emphasize their local roots. For many companies, targeting the adult daughters of a potential client is the way to go.

Ad Tech

This industry is known for its low-tech, high-touch approach. When it comes to advertising, more agencies are using technology to track how well their campaigns are doing. The agencies are shifting to campaigns that run for only eight weeks, instead of for six months or more. By constantly evaluating how they’re doing, these businesses are using their ad money wisely.

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Kathy Crosett
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