How are Americans Using Their Time on Smartphones?

BY Rachel Cagle
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If your client is using digital advertisements to target their clients, they should know that 70% of time spent on digital media usage in the U.S. takes place on smartphones. When combined with tablet usage, according to a report by Comscore, that percentage rose to 77% in June 2019, an 11% increase from two years ago. What could have brought about these increases?

Aside from the fact that more members of Generation Z are becoming old enough to own their own smartphones and tablets, baby boomers are also jumping on the mobile trend. 65% of the minutes Americans ages 55 to 64 spend on digital media takes place via smartphone apps. That’s equal to the amount of time older members of Generation X (44–54-year-olds) spend on mobile smartphone apps.

That’s not to say that the younger generations aren’t still mobile’s primary users. 70% of the time Americans ages 13 to 17 years old spend on digital media is through their smartphone apps and 18- to 24-​year-​olds spend 72% of their digital media time on smartphone apps.

What are Americans as a whole doing with their mobile digital media minutes? Mobile devices represent 94% of digital time Americans spend playing online games. Americans are also spending a majority of their digital time on social media (mobile accounts for 92% of this category’s digital time) and entertainment (83%).

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