How to Be A Sales Video Superstar

BY Jessica Helinski
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Considered a salesperson’s “secret weapon,” video is becoming a common way for reps to communicate with prospects and clients. But some reps just can’t bring themselves to be comfortable in front of the camera. How can you overcome this discomfort, so you don’t miss a great opportunity to connect and stand out? Sales professional and actor Julie Hansen has some advice. Drawing on her experience in both sales and acting, she shares three tips in a recent article for the Performance and Sales Training blog. 

Get to know the camera

Her first tip requires you, the rep, to make friends with the camera. Likely, you’ve heard the phrase, “the camera loves her!” As Hansen points out, the camera is indifferent; it’s the person who loves the camera. It’s going to pick up on anything you’re feeling. “If you feel uncertain, frightened, or uncomfortable, the camera will pick that up, and so will your audience,” Hansen explains. “That means it’s important that you learn to love your camera, or at the very least, become friends with it.” 

Simple ways to do this include: 

  • Create a safe, supportive environment.
  • Film yourself a minute each day having an impromptu conversation about anything with your camera.
  • Think of your camera as a close friend who is excited to hear whatever you have to say. 
  • Imagine being interviewed by someone who is very interested in hearing what you do.

Just like with any relationship, the more time you spend with the camera, the more at ease you’ll feel. If you put in the time, you’ll find that being in front of the camera will feel second nature.

Head over to the blog to read her two other tips, and likely, you’ll find them to be easy and effective. Video is such a standout way to keep in contact and stay competitive. As she points out, “don’t let a little camera keep you from becoming the Video Sales Superstar you were meant to be.”