How to Boost Holiday Sales to Millennials and Gen Z

BY Rachel Cagle
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Here’s some great news for retailers this holiday season: a quarter of adult consumers have every intention of spending more on gifts than they did last year. This is according to a study conducted by Discover and laid out by ZD Net writer Eileen Brown. Contrary to what you may be thinking, it’s not the older generations who are fueling this high percentage. By age, here are the percentages of adult consumers who plan to do more holiday shopping this year: 
  • Millennials: 35%
  • Gen Zers: 33%
  • Gen Xers: 26%
  • Baby Boomers: 16%
What?! Yes, the digital generations are full of holiday spirit, and that presents a magical opportunity for digital advertisers. Specifically, advertisers specializing in mobile should be gearing up for a busy holiday. Of the millennial shoppers, 73% are going to use a mobile device to purchase at least one gift and 66% will use m‑commerce to buy most of their gifts. Wearable or Internet of Thing devices are also going to play a big part in the shopping habits of 36% of millennials this year. Another 29% will seek the help of their smart speakers while shopping. So, it’s crucial that your clients are utilizing voice search for targeting their millennial customers. Although adult Gen Z consumers are slightly less gung ho about voice search this season (35% will use IoT or wearable devices and 27% will utilize smart speakers), they’re even more zealous mobile shoppers. Eighty percent will use a mobile device to do at least some shopping and 67% will use m‑commerce to buy most of the items on their lists. Want insider knowledge on what millennials and Gen Zers plan to purchase this year? Check out their profiles in AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. There, you can also learn about other effective forms of advertising to use in an omni-​channel ad campaign. Your clients still have time to utilize this information to up their sales this holiday season. Get out there and make some holiday magic!