How to Build Brand Awareness: the Ultimate Sales Driver

BY Rachel Cagle
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Even though the world is opening back up, American consumers have still developed an increased love for online shopping. The online shopping craze isn’t going to fade any time soon. So, brands need to incorporate that new reality into their marketing strategies. Especially if your client is a small business that was dependent on foot traffic before the pandemic hit. Your clients need to focus on raising brand awareness.

The only way consumers can make purchases from your clients online is if they know that the business exists. Without brand awareness, your clients will only have their loyal, preexisting customers to keep them going. While that may be enough to survive, businesses always need to usher in new clientele in order to thrive.

Building Brand Awareness

Now, building brand awareness doesn’t mean just creating ads for your clients that say, “We’re here!” Cybercrime and common sense have led consumers to be selective about the brands they choose to buy from online. Your clients not only have to let potential customers know that they exist. They also have to build their brand in order to establish trust.

A recent article by Nielsen reassures marketers that building a brand along with brand awareness is a slow process, but one that’s worthhile. “In terms of actual sales, Nielsen’s experience base shows that on average, a 1‑point gain in brand metrics such as awareness and consideration drives a 1% increase in sales. While it might be easy to dismiss a single percent as immaterial, a 1% return on sales of $1 billion equates to $10 million, which is far from immaterial.”

How to Build a Brand

Nielsen says that the primary pillar of brand building, and therefore brand awareness, is messaging that influences consumer perceptions of the business and its products or services. Your client needs to craft ads that feature messages that will resonate with potential customers for long enough that they remember the brand the next time they shop online for the products your client offers.

To accomplish this task, you first need to know which types of ads resonate with the best with your client’s customers. Check out the target audience’s profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. Their profile will show you the ad types that the customers responded to within the last year. For example, did you know that 36.7% of Swimming Pool Shoppers feel that TV commercials are the type of ads that are the most accurate, believable and trustworthy?

Next, your client’s ad’s messages need to inspire trust in memorable ways. You can incorporate your client’s current customers’ reviews and stories into their advertising messages to establish authority and trust from a reliable third-​party that potential customers can identify with. Spotlighting charitable organizations and stances your client takes are other good ways to establish a bond with potential customers.

Is the Effort Worth it?

There is never a good time to stop advertising,” says Nielsen, “but the need to drive awareness has never been more important for brands.” Raising your client’s brand awareness will help them drive sales immediately and into the future.