How to Build Client Loyalty To Keep Business Thriving

BY Jessica Helinski
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A seller’s work doesn’t stop once a contract is signed. In addition to providing excellent service, sellers must also continuously work to build client loyalty. And this is a skill that many reps don’t nurture enough, which can hurt business. 

Finding ways to promote and improve loyalty can have an outsized impact on your business,” explains Mike Schultz, president of RAIN Group. “Retaining current customers costs 6–7x less than acquiring new ones, and improving customer retention rates by a mere 5% can increase profit per customer by 25–95%.”

Customer loyalty can also encourage future sales via upselling and cross-​selling. And it can drive awareness and interest through testimonials and referrals from satisfied clients. So even after the initial contract, sellers still have substantially lucrative opportunities from customers. 

Build Client Loyalty With These Practices

One way to drive loyalty, according to Schultz, is to make it a habit to be proactive. Rather sit and wait to react to a client issue or outreach, take initiative and drive engagement yourself. There are many ways to do this, like sharing a resource with a customer before they need it. Or offering training that could benefit them down the road. 

Forbes Council Member Govind Kavaturi agrees, writing, “When you're proactive in your engagement, you show your customers that you genuinely care about their success. You become a trusted advisor—not just a service provider. This trust is the bedrock of long-​term loyalty.”

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Be Consistent

Consistency is another necessity for reps wanting to build customer loyalty. Don’t make sellers regret their decision by doling out inconsistent communication and support. Why does consistency matter? As HubSpot’s Sophia Bernazzani Barron explains, “When brands provide consistency through their products and service, their customers can easily incorporate them into their lives.”

Customers can count on vendors to deliver what they need when they need it. This fosters so many valuable relationship building blocks, including trust, appreciation and respect. Consistently delivering on your promises adds so much value to what you offer. It can keep clients loyal and eager to offer referrals. 

Maintaining consistency takes self-​discipline and self-​management. You must have set standards and goals that you stick to. Strategize tactics, like tools and systems, to support your efforts. Also, make sure that you are monitoring and evaluating your activity to uncover potential areas for improvement. 

Keep Showing Up Prepared

Sellers know that preparation is vital to closing sales, but it’s also important when working to build client loyalty. 

Your work and research don’t stop after the sale. Reps must continue staying informed about their clients, as well as clients’ businesses and industries. Stay on top of shifting trends or big industry changes. Consider how your clients are impacted and how your solution ties in. 

This continued effort to be a valuable partner will be noticed and appreciated. Sellers want to work with vendors who care about them, according to SalesFuel research. What better way to show you care than staying clued in to the world of your clients? And their ever-​evolving needs. 

In the competitive world of B2B, customer loyalty isn't just a nice-​to-​have; it's a must-​have for long-​term success,” Kavaturi writes. “In the end, it's all about building relationships that go beyond the transaction, where both parties are invested in each other's success.”

Nurture customer relationships, and build clients loyalty, by engaging in these best practices. You’ll find that doing so keeps clients satisfied, business healthy, and referrals rolling in.

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