How to Build Confidence in Sales

BY Kyla Snodgrass
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Do you go into sales meetings anxious about the outcome? Your prospects are bound to notice, and that influences their decision-​making. Sales confidence is about speaking with passion and conviction, but how do you do that? American author Tony Robbins explains how to build confidence in sales using several steps. These steps can be condensed into four main points, that if implemented, can boost your sales confidence to sell products with ease to anyone, anywhere.

How to Build Sales Confidence by Changing Your Physiology

Your demeanor says a lot about you and your intentions. Make a good first impression by practicing inviting body language during conversation such as maintaining eye contact, standing up straight and curbing nervous habits. Nonverbal communication speaks volumes, and Robbins suggests how to build sales confidence by finding a power pose. The American Psychological Association defines a power pose as an expression of status and explains, “It can be useful for training, coaching, and therapy. People who observe their bodily expression may experience a change in their self-​evaluations and may also behave differently.” Additionally, avoid seeming restless during interactions and mirror the behavior of your prospect to evoke feelings of trust and understanding.

How to Build Sales Confidence with Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Your physicality isn’t the only signal projecting your level of confidence. Be conscious of your psychology. Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT) allow people to think more critically about the behavior and motivation of others. You can appear more confident by focusing on the other people in the sales meeting. Stay self-​assured about the sales conversation by asking questions using a consultative approach. Jessica Helinski, writing for SalesFuel, provides an in-​depth explanation of SPIN Selling. To summarize this methodology, reps use questions from four categories to investigate the prospect’s situation, problems, implications, and need-payoffs.

How to Build Sales Confidence by Asking Open-​Ended Questions and Using Active Listening

Equally important when conducting a sales meeting, is to think strategically. By practicing active listening, you learn new crucial information about your prospect. By asking open-​ended questions following the SPIN selling methodology, you allow the prospect to freely describe their obstacles and goals. This information can give you more confidence in the situation and allows you to evaluate whether this is an opportunity or a deal to walk away from. In addition to using these tactics, you should also rely on your credibility to help you build confidence.

How to Build Sales Confidence by Leveraging Credibility

Most importantly, who are you as a seller? What are your credentials and certifications? This line of questioning is something your prospects may be researching before your sales conversation. Credibility is key in determining the level of trust someone may place in you. SalesCred from SalesFuel not only calculates psychometrics which help you better understand yourself and your knowledge, but also provides a foundation for sellers looking to build their confidence by following the Hierarchy of Sales Credibility. Following this framework and knowing how to use your sales training and tools, such as practicing with data visuals and researching your prospect, can boost your sales confidence.

To summarize, confidence involves being mindful of your physical and mental presence. Your self-​assurance impacts the outcome of your sales endeavors. Salespeople can learn how to build confidence in sales by employing power poses, practicing cognitive behavioral techniques such as SPIN selling, asking open-​ended questions, using active listening, and leveraging sales credibility. Selling in today’s competitive market requires you to stand out by being assertive and confident.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels