How to Determine the Best Time of Day to Make Sales

BY Rachel Cagle
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Did you know that your peak selling time has just as much to do with you as it does your prospects? Alice Heiman, founder and CSO of Alice Heiman, LLC, a sales leadership programs business, says you have to pair when you’re at the top of your game along with when your prospects are available in order to make successful sales.

Everyone’s energy levels are different at different times of the day. Terms like “night owl,” “early bird,” and “permanently exhausted pigeon” have become commonplace. So, you probably know when your energy and productivity levels are at their highest. But, have you also been paying attention to when your energy levels are at their lowest?

If you’re a night owl and try to make a sales call or schedule a presentation first thing in the morning, your energy may be practically nonexistent. It doesn’t matter if a study you’ve read somewhere says that mornings are the best times to make sales if that’s when you’re exhausted. Lack of energy will lead to a lack of enthusiasm about what you’re trying to sell and can make your brain a bit foggy, which can make you sound ill-prepared.

The best time for sales comes in the happy medium of when the best times for you and your clients coincide. If you’re both awake and alive at the end of the day, perfect! If you’re a morning person and you know your prospect generally works later hours, try meeting them in the middle and calling in the afternoon instead. Everyone is in a good mood after lunch. Try calling just as lunchtime ends, but you may want to avoid that slump that soon follows the midday meal.

Working around your prospects’ schedules is important, but making outreach attempts when you’re not at your best will only damage your chances of landing that sale. Pay attention to when your prospect is most responsive and when your energy levels are shot and plan your calls or meetings accordingly.