How to Get Your Advertiser Ready for Back-to-School

BY Adam Ambro
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With summer break winding down, it’s the time to focus on the thing kids dread and parents need, back-​to-​school season. With that comes the same old song and dance of buying new backpacks, pencils, shoes, and clothes. But, with the world grappling with the new realities of life during a pandemic, what does back-​to-​school marketing look like in 2021?

Media Consumption

 “Old-​school advertising has become increasingly irrelevant during recent years, thanks in no small part to shifts in the ways we consume media,” writes Forbes. According to their survey, more than 70% of consumers said they would shop exclusively with brands that show they understand them.

During the COVID-​19 pandemic, most, if not all of us, had to transition away from the in-​store buying experience. Online sales were at an all-​time high, and it became routine to order multiple sizes and have a fashion show in your bedroom versus the dressing room of a department store.

Presentation matters

The buyer will have to trust who they’re buying from, and what they’re hearing about the brand. Forbes lists ways in which advertisers can present products for this shopping season:

  • Affordable supplies for those under financial strain.
  • Easy but impactful teacher gifts.
  • Online shopping options and contactless delivery.
  • The shift from home learning supplies back to traditional.
  • The importance of personal supplies for schools that will no longer provide them.
  • The best hand sanitizers and masks for kids/​college students.
  • Specialized products like antimicrobial backpacks and lunchboxes.
  • The latest clothing and accessory trends.

Back-​to-​school spending

According to a study conducted by BIA, $32.5 billion is the projected amount parents will be spending in 2021 on back-​to-​school material, up from $28.1 billion in 2020. 59% of back-​to-​school spending will happen in end of July, with consumers who are more confident and plan on spending more.

Apparel store sales have increased 2.6% from May to June 2021. That’s a 47.1% jump from a year ago. 2021 apparel spending is expected to jump 78% over 2020, with 49% of back-​to-​school shoppers saying kids are most excited about clothes and accessories this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

With advertisers expected to spend $14.2 billion in ad buying this season, according to BIA, there are many avenues in which your clients can appeal to the target audience they’re trying to reach:

  • Use fun, visual social media advertising, marketing for BTS. 16% of back-​to-​school shoppers, for example, are active on TikTok.
  • Sell mobile, ecommerce development. Digital acceleration is a priority for 88% of retail execs for chain store/​online competitors.
  • Ask them: How do you plan to improve your online shopping offerings, experience?
  • Ask them: Do you offer store credits for trading in used clothing previously purchased from you? Would you consider tapping into this market?

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Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels