How to Help Your Clients Overcome Mobile Marketing Fatigue

BY Kathy Crosett
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Do you remember when we thought it was cool to see ads on our mobile phones? Now, your clients are faced with the need to overcome mobile marketing fatigue. Consumers aren’t so enthralled by mobile ads now, especially if they're seeing the same message again and again. They’re ready to move on to the next shiny new advertising object, which means your clients must work harder to be noticed.

In his StreetFightMag report, Boris Pfeiffer points out that marketers experience a 3.48% conversion rate on their Google search ads and 0.72% on Google display. And SmartInsights analysts point out that the CTR on Google’s display network had dropped 32%, from quarter to quarter earlier this year. These numbers show how hard it is to compete in the digital and mobile ad sections. But marketers know they need to impress consumers on the small screen. Mobile phones rule in terms of consumer time spent interacting with content. By next year, marketers will spend about $112 billion on the format.


Remind your clients about one of the key rules of storytelling in order to snag consumer attention in a story. You must show, not tell. Consumers don’t want to see a boring ad listing product features from your client. Video ads that help consumers experience what your client is selling are a must. But those ads need to follow a few guidelines:

  • Keep them short
  • Make sure they load quickly
  • Aim for resolution of 600 px

These guidelines mean your clients should focus on the specific features that will be most important to various audiences. They can then use tactics like mystery or adventure or humor to show their product benefits.


Once consumers are hooked by the storyline, your clients should pull them in deeper with interactive features. Have your clients tried using quizzes or tests to encourage people to reveal something about themselves, such as selecting their favorite style of sunglasses? This tactic allows consumers to participate in the conversation as they move further down the purchase funnel. They may also share particularly enjoyable experiences with friends and family members, an outcome that will enhance your client’s brand value.

Overcome Mobile Marketing Fatigue

Consumers want to be in charge of the marketing messages that reach them. Don’t let your clients forget that important detail. Always give consumers the option to close a message that pops up on their mobile devices.

To encourage consumers to feel in control about what’s happening on their mobile device, your clients must offer something that they want. When your clients promise to email them the personalized results of their quiz — perhaps the promise of a professional recommendation on the style of sunglasses that works best with the size and shape of their face — consumers will give up some of their protected personal information.

These kinds of exchanges will become increasingly important as we move into a cookie-​free environment. Your clients will no longer be able to track consumers online as they have in the past.

To learn more about the psychographics of consumers who respond to pre-​roll video ads, check out the AudienceSCAN profiles available on AdMall from SalesFuel.