How to Help Your Clients Take Back Marketing

BY Kathy Crosett
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If you’re selling media and related services to corporate marketing departments, you’ve probably noticed the increased stress level. Marketing was long thought of as an art form. Now that the digital era is here to stay, marketing professionals are struggling to meet new kinds of goals. To succeed, they'll need to take back marketing.

Christine Crandell wrote about four different factors that will play a huge role in the life of your marketing contacts. Here are a couple of these factors and suggestions on how to help your clients.

Challenge — Too Many Departments Involved In Marketing

Back in the day, marketers accepted that half the money they spent on advertising was wasted. Even worse, as retailer John Wanamaker noted, was that businesses didn’t know which ad campaigns were working for them. Today, nobody finds that acceptable. Your marketing contacts are dealing with pressure from the CFOs to account for their spending. And they are coming up against CIOs who are empire building. When CIOs control the technology, they may also think it’s time for them to control digital marketing.

Solution — Take Back Marketing

You can help your client make their case for buying your proposed media solutions by providing plenty of detail. Explain exactly how many prospects your campaign will reach and how the results can be used to transform information into leads for the client. This kind of information will satisfy the CFOs and CIOs who set goals.

Challenge — Heavy Reliance on Digital

Too many marketers believe that a presence on a social media site translates to new business. The reliance on digital marketing has gone to an extreme. As Crandall reminds readers, “social selling never really worked.”

Solution — Expand the Media Mix

To get real results, talk to your clients about a real campaign. Remind your clients that running a mobile video ad campaign shouldn’t constitute the entire marketing effort. They should monitor, with your help, which media formats generate awareness in the target audience. To bring leads further down the marketing funnel, show them how audiences respond to various types of outreach. For some buyers, the tipping point will be a good white paper or blog post. For other buyers, access to client success stories will be crucial.

To understand your client’s current position in the digital marketing world, run a Digital Audit on AdMall from SalesFuel. Review this information with clients and encourage them to take marketing to the next level by sharing information with their sales departments. Once the sales departments begin to close deals, your marketing contacts will have allies who understand the power of properly executed marketing and advertising campaigns.