How to Increase Client Loyalty Through Empowerment

BY Rachel Cagle
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Everyone focuses on making customers feel happy and appreciated. But do you make your clients feel empowered? Empowered clients are comfortable clients, and comfort leads to loyalty. So, how do you instill those feelings in your clients? Here are just a few of CustomerThink writer Philip Piletic’s methods.


Hopefully you consider yourself an expert in the products or services you sell. You know them backwards and forwards; how they can benefit different companies, the different ways they can be of use, and how to work through potential kinks that may arise. If your client is as well-​versed and confident in your product or service as you are, don’t you think that will make them feel empowered and confident in their buying decision? So, give your clients all the information you can on what they’ve purchased or plan to purchase. According to Piletic, sharing insider knowledge and trade secrets with your client will, “enable them to evangelize the product with the specificity of an expert. Some kinds of insider knowledge can even enhance customer trust.” Knowledge is power. Make sure your clients are learned.


Don’t hesitate to reach out.” “Call me if you need anything.” These are probably things you’ve said to your clients to let them know your service is worthwhile, yes? How long does it take you to fulfill those requests when they do take advantage of your service? And are you ever the one who reaches out for feedback on how to make your service better? There are few people who feel more empowered than those who know they are listened to. You do this by proactively seeking out and solving clients’ needs. If you let your clients' needs and desires fall to the wayside, you’re taking their power, as well as their confidence in you, away from them. So, build them up. Listen to them, request feedback, respond to their needs, and empower them through the whole process.

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