How to Make It "EASY" for Prospects to Buy

BY Jessica Helinski
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You may be doing a disservice to prospects without even knowing it. Sometimes sales reps may actually be making the buying process too complicated. Nancy Bleeke, President of Sales Pro Insider, Inc., recently wrote an article detailing her own experience with over-​complicating sales. She learned that “if a sales process for securing our services isn’t easy, we quickly lose them. This is why we need to make it easy for our buyers to get what we offer from the start to the finish.”

How can a rep consciously make it easy for prospects? Bleeke shares a few tips using the word “easy” to remember each tip. 

Engage: You must engage each buyer in the sales process by actively including him or her. Make it easy for prospects to get the information they need by including them in the information-​sharing process. “In our conversations with buyers, if we don’t make it easy for them to get what they need, the information, proof, samples, etc., they disengage and won’t respond to future emails or calls,” Bleeke writes.

Act: Be sure to act on the prospect’s next steps. Whatever the buyer needs to do next, make it easy for him or her to get it done. Make the why, what, how, and when clear to the buyer so they know how best to proceed. To do this, Bleeke suggests asking yourself: “In the process for selling your services, is it clear what the buyer needs to do along the way? Does it require a lot of upfront effort from them without them understanding the value it can be?” This will put you in the mindset of the buyer and see how the process can be simplified for them. 

Sort through the information around the prospect’s needs, challenges, pain points, and potential solutions. Siphon out only that which is important and valuable to them specifically. As Bleeke points out, “an analytical person has most likely researched solutions to their situation. They’ve most likely gathered details, examples, and data and what they need from you is a way to put it into context relative to them.” It’s up to you to cut out anything they don’t need and build on what they already know. 

Check out Bleeke’s entire article to read the last step, as well as relevant examples from her own sales experience. Simplifying the sales processes for your prospects will make their journey easier. It will also establish your value early on in the relationship. “When your buyer’s journey is easy, you’ll see faster decisions, more confidence in the decision, and have a whole lot less follow-​up,” she writes.