How to Select Content Marketing Topics for Clients' Websites

BY Rachel Cagle
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Content marketing isn’t just a way to give your client’s website visitors valuable information on products, services, and industry. Carefully selected content can also boost your client’s search engine optimization efforts. “When your clients add quality and informative content to their site, search engines recognize the site as having authority on the topic at hand,” said Ron Robbins in a recent SalesFuel webinar. “Search engines like seeing websites that have written extensively on specific topics.” But which topics should you be featuring on your client’s website?

How to Select Content Marketing Topics for Your Client’s Website

According to a report by Parse​.ly, there are content marketing categories that have experienced increases in readership traffic or grown in general. Between March 2019 and March 2020, these categories experienced a significant increase in pageviews:

  1. Law, Government and Politics: 15.7 billion pageviews in 2020 (an increase of 71% over 2019)
  2. Health and Fitness: 9.6 billion pageviews (a 307% increase)
  3. Business: 5.5 billion pageviews (increase of 89%)
  4. News: 5.5 billion pageviews (increase of 143%)
  5. Science: 5 billion pageviews (increase of 94%)
  6. Technology and Computing: 4.2 billion views (increase of 37%)
  7. Sports: 3.1 billion pageviews (increase of 5%)

There are other honorable mentions for the content marketing categories with the most pageviews last year. These include: Food and Drink, Arts and Entertainment, Shopping, Personal Finance and Travel. Overall, the content categories that experienced the most growth in pageviews over the past few years are Health and Fitness, Careers, Shopping, News and Personal Finance.

Promising Categories for the Future

Parse​.ly says that there are some content marketing categories that will continue gaining relevancy in the future. These include:

  • Arts and Entertainment: such as music, books, movies and television
  • Automotive: concerning sales of both used and new vehicles
  • Careers and Education: popular content includes desirable skill sets, gig economy, higher education, tools for virtual learning and how to improve resumes
  • Family and Parenting: answers to common childcare questions, including care and virtual learning
  • Food and Drink: the most popular articles include information on the safety of dining out, as well as the restaurant economy. Other popular topics include recipes for both food and cocktails, coffee, and DIY remedies such as making hand sanitizer
  • Style and Fashion: how to make fashion “versatile, accessible, and sustainable”
  • Technology and Computing: information technology and graphic software, as well as cell phone reviews were top categories

Of course, your clients should focus on creating content marketing that is relevant to their own business. If their business happens to fall into one of these categories, they can expect to see favorable results from their efforts.

Depending on your client’s business, you may be able to easily determine the kind of content their target customers typically search for. However, if your client would like some reassurance on popular reading topics for their customers, you can check out the Favorite Reads section of their audience profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. Favorite Audio Talk Shows is also a category you can check out if your client is interested in podcasts.