How to Take Your Client's SEO Strategy to the Highest Level

BY Rachel Cagle
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If your clients have an SEO strategy, they need to make some changes. A recent article by Search Engine Land, citing research by SEO Solutions Consultant Leslie Ramey, points out that your client’s search engine optimization strategy has the potential to be more effective when broken into two parts — pre-​purchase and post-purchase.

Changing Your SEO Strategy

Ramey gives the example of a kitchen remodeling customer. At the beginning of their purchasing journey, they’re on the hunt for every scrap of information they can possibly get. What are their options? How much will each new part of the kitchen cost? The more they research, the clearer the picture of their dream kitchen will become in their minds. 

The information your client’s customers are searching for before they make a purchase and after they make a purchase is dramatically different. So, why shouldn’t your client’s SEO strategies reflect this?

Their searches will become more focused based on what exactly it is that they want, from cabinets to flooring and paint colors. “Understanding what those queries look like gives marketers an opportunity to create content that matches,” writes Search Engine Land.

You and your client need to review previously collected SEO data to see what types of information and keyword searches their customers will make. Then, ensure your client’s website features content that will shed light on both. These can be FAQ pages, guides, white papers, fact sheets, online videos, links to webinars, and so much more. 

No matter which types of SEO content strategy you create, make sure their titles indicate what sorts of customer questions they address and that they’re easy to find on your client’s website. “With Google featuring direct answers in the SERP via featured snippets, creating content that may be featured there creates an enormous amount of trust with your potential customers because they see you not only as a product or service provider but as an expert,” reports Search Engine Land.

They also remind advertisers that a sale does not mean the company’s relationship with that customer is over. And this isn’t just because repeat customers are the easiest way to make future sales and earn a steady income. Regarding your client’s SEO strategy, it’s also because their customers may have questions about the product they just bought. It is especially true if they’re a first-​time customer. So, your client must also have information available on their web pages that addresses these questions.

Providing plenty of info for all customer questions is the easiest way to gain their trust and their sale.

Your client’s target customers could be looking for information on various products they plan to purchase this year. AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel provides insight into the future purchasing decisions hundreds of consumer audiences will make within the following year. Check out your client’s target audience’s profile for the inside scoop about their intended purchases for the year.