How to Target Tire Shoppers

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Tire shoppers care more about all-​weather grip and treadwear warranty than they do about price, according to a Consumer Reports survey of members who bought tires. Only one in five shoppers specifically looked for the lowest price."

"The length of the manufacturer’s treadwear warranty was considered especially important by 39% of the surveyed shoppers. This information can be found in stores and on manufacturer websites, but it is not an ideal comparison, given that the number is self-reported."

"Other major considerations among tire buyers were handling and braking performance, and the treadwear rating found on the tire sidewall. Braking was an important factor for only 25% of shoppers, because stopping distance is a key safety factor. Even a variation of a few feet can mean the difference between a confident stop and a minor collision. And our tests show that even within a tire category, performance in the dry and the wet can vary by 10 feet or more."

"Features Tire Buyers Look for When Shopping:

  • All-​weather grip: 50%
  • Brand: 47%
  • Length of manufacturer's treadwear warranty (miles): 39%
  • Handling: 37%
  • Braking: 25%
  • Treadwear traction temperature rating (located on sidewall of tire): 25%
  • Lowest price: 20%
  • Free follow-​up services and maintenance: 19%
  • Retailer recommendation: 14%
  • Car manufacturer's recommendation: 12%
  • Snow tires: 9%
  • Mechanic recommendation: 9%
  • Appearance: 5%"

Even though price isn't a top priority for Tire Shoppers, deals definitely won't hurt their decision-​making process. According to AudienceSCAN, 66.7% of Tire Shoppers' favorite type of email to receive from a business is one containing coupons/​discount codes. The second most popular are limited-​time offers/​sales emails. Additionally, within the last 30 days, 47.9% of these consumers have used the internet to find coupons or discount codes. Last year, Tire Shoppers took action after receiving direct mail ads/​coupons (59.5%), email ads (56.3%) and ads they found on daily deals sites such as Groupon (51.4%).

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