How To Think (and Sell) Like An Entrepreneur

BY Jessica Helinski
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While you may not have ever started your own business, you can still benefit from thinking like an entrepreneur. This is especially true for salespeople. A mental shift to more entrepreneurial thoughts can have a positive impact on every aspect of your sales. Sales expert Amy Frank shares her advice in a post for Sales Hacker, articulating how to get into this mindset and how it helps.

Change Your View

She kicks off the article with a declaration that she believes goes against the traditional mindset in the industry:

Instead of viewing yourself as ‘just’ a salesperson, you take ownership of your territory or book. Instead of thinking like an employee, advocate, or evangelist, you think of yourself as an entrepreneur, a go-​getter who sets audacious goals and will do whatever it takes to reach them.”

The first step in the process is to train yourself to look at the big picture. You are the owner of your entire selling future, so take that ownership. Create a sales vision that looks beyond the current situation and keep your eye on that prize. Also, entrepreneurial selling relies on the concept of selling yourself, not just your product or service. Instead of thinking about the sale relying on a variety of other factors, like outside resources, your company’s customer service, or product development teams, you have the mindset that the sale relies primarily on you. 

She also points out that even with a large supporting team, it’s still important to think this way “I’ve realized that anyone can be an entrepreneurial seller,” she writes. “Even if you’re part of a big team with lots of support, you can still own your results. It’s the mindset that matters, not the resources available to you.”

After explaining the idea of thinking and selling like an entrepreneur, she tackles the topics of why it’s vital in today’s world and just how to get started. Head over to her article to read more, including the three steps that you can take today to get into that entrepreneurial mindset.