The Three Elements of Sales Motivation on a Draining Day

BY Rachel Cagle
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Sales can be a mentally draining career. You get told “no” A LOT, and you only have so much control over how often that happens, even when all the research and work you’ve done pointed to a “yes.” And the double-​edged sword of it all? “If you don’t think you can succeed or land a deal, you will ultimately be right,” writes Dan Tyre in a recent HubSpot post. However, Tyre says there is a secret weapon at your disposal, if you just know the three elements of sales motivation for how to utilize it.

That secret weapon is positivity. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like a Disney cliché, but think about it for a moment. If you’re not in good spirits when you enter a sales meeting, it’ll give your prospect fewer reasons to buy from you. Why buy from someone who isn’t even excited about their own product or service? And during a particularly mentally draining day, how difficult is it for you to be positive? Do you even know how, aside from forcing a smile and chipper attitude? No? Exactly.

The Three Elements of Sales Motivation to Turn a Mentally Draining Day Around

View Mistakes as Lessons

We all make mistakes. There is not one blameless person in existence, so why treat yourself as the only exception? Instead of dwelling on the negative results of your mistakes, the first of the three elements of sales motivation is to focus on how you can benefit from them. Analyze that sale that just fell through. Since hindsight tends to be 20/​20, you’ll be able to better identify where in the process the sale fell flat. Should you have approached the sale from a different angle based on the prospect’s need? Did you forget to utilize that stellar new recommendation you just got from a client? Once you’ve identified what you could do better next time, move forward through your day with the confidence that you won’t make the same mistake twice. Dwelling on negatives on a mentally draining day only causes burnout.

Create a Vision Board

If your goals aren’t visible, they can sometimes seem out of reach, even if they’re not. That’s why creating a physical or digital vision board can be a great way to keep your spirits up. You can actually see your sales goals and the progress you’re making toward them. Or, for as much as you may love your company, sometimes the motivation to keep your numbers up and impress your boss simply isn’t enough to make you happy. For those days, you need to make sure your vision board includes the personal goals you have for yourself. Do you plan on rewarding yourself with that vacation you’ve always dreamed of sometime this year? How about that new item you’ve been saving up for? Post pictures of those up there too to remind yourself of how close you are to achieving your goal! That action can turn a mentally draining day into a positive one.

Incorporate Media into Your Day

Sometimes, all you need to transform a mentally draining day into a good one is the right playlist. I'm talking about sales motivation music. Whether you like hip-​hop or classic rock, good tunes can fix a poor mindset. Or perhaps you just need a laugh. This is where the third of the three elements of sales motivation comes in. When you're having a bad day and need a pick me up, turn on your sales motivation music or look up your favorite comedian’s latest video. Don't be afraid to take a break when you need one.