How to Write an Introductory Email that Stands Out

BY Rachel Cagle
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When you only have a sentence or two to convince a prospect that your outreach email is worth reading, those sentences need to count. But how can you create an introductory email that stands out from the dozens of other emails each of your prospects is getting on a daily basis? Here are a few tips from Aja Frost, writing for HubSpot:

Talk About Them First

Hi, my name is… and I’d like to talk about…” Your eyes probably glazed over even reading that in a blog post, let alone in nearly every email you’ve ever received from someone outside your usual contacts. Also, don’t point out the fact that you two have never spoken before. They know, and all you’re going to accomplish by pointing it out is push them even further away. Instead, make your introduction about someone you know they care about: themselves. Bring up an accomplishment of theirs that got your attention and inspired you to reach out. Ask outright if they had ever thought about reaping one of the benefits of a product or service you offer (without pitching it outright). They’ll be more interested in an introduction that concerns them than one where you’re in the spotlight.

Get to the Good Part

Want to write an introductory email that stands out? Don’t waste time after your enticing introduction; let them know how they can benefit from responding to you. What value can you provide for them and their company? Maybe there’s a limited-​time promotion that can add even more value to what you’re offering. Hold their attention with what you can provide.

Time to Act

Now that you’ve caught their attention and piqued their interest, let the prospect know that they’re only an email or a call away from taking the first step to making what you’ve promised a reality. Give them a few ways they can reach out to you and let them know when you’re available. You could even throw in a few potential meeting times. Just make sure there’s an easy way for the prospect to take action or your build up may have gone to waste.