How to Write Emails that Reach Your Prospects

BY Tim Londergan
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Even though email is fast and convenient, it is one of the worst means of effective communication. Automated systems can ignore, or even repel your email attempts. Receipt of your message is critical. This task becomes even more difficult when your mission requires you to send a mass email. In this age of suspicion and malicious malware-​bearing email, it is critical that you take pains to carefully craft your emails.

Carefully craft the emails that reach your prospects

You go to great lengths to build credibility with your clients and prospects. As a dependable source of valid and useful information, you are personally vested in each message sent under your name. Sometimes it is necessary to send email to a large number of people requiring a mass or bulk email delivery. Even legitimate bulk emails can be mistaken for malicious activity, such as phishing. To this end, the University of California published an advisory to assist in effective email communication entitled, Prevent Emails from Looking Phishy. The article provides detailed tips plus examples of good emails and several phishy-​looking ones. It is wise to review these methods before your next mass email campaign to assure that the emails reach your prospects.

Writing mass emails that don’t look phishy

Emails sent from an external party, not your own company, can make the recipient suspicious. Knowing this, you may want to provide your prospect a heads-​up first. Or at least, include a known, local website or contact information. Scrutinize your emails to assure that they appear legitimate, transparent and have an immediately verifiable source.

Explain and provide context

Don’t be overly brief in the introductory portion of your mass email. Let your prospect know why they are receiving the message and what action, if any, needs to be taken. It always helps to personalize the greeting, if possible. The subject line should also be specific to the message and tested thoroughly.

Provide a method to verify the email

Emails that reach your prospects must be easily verifiable by a provided phone number or email of the individual who will truly get back to them. In addition, you can provide a link on your company’s website directly to the message.

Notify recipients in advance

Send a safe, personalized email in advance. This is especially important if the mass email is requesting action on behalf of your prospect. Another suggestion is to announce the release of the mass notice in a company newsletter or frequently visited website or social media link.

Keep the help desk informed

Your customer service representatives and your IT team are the first line of defense when phishy emails get reported. Keep them in the loop.

Avoid using attachments

Mass emails that reach your prospects should never include attachments. Attachments in emails are suspicious and often detected by spam filters long before they reach your prospect’s inbox. If you must share a file, do so by linking to your company web page or a cloud storage site.

Cybersecurity training teaches people to never click on unknown or unexpected links in email. Spell out links completely so the recipients can see where they lead. This also allows recipients to type them in directly or copy and paste rather than clicking the link. Do not use executable files. Likewise, you should avoid linking to an IP address.

Use these tips to craft relevant, purposeful, easily verified emails. Most importantly, they will reflect your intent to be a trusted business partner with your customers.

Photo by Hannes Johnson on Unsplash