How Transactional Email Can Help Your Client Build Business

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients focused enough on their transactional email interactions with their customers? Businesses must use every edge they can find to retain customers in today’s business environment. Maintaining customer loyalty means higher profitability in the long run. New research indicates too many businesses treat their existing customers casually, especially when it comes to email. At the very least, your clients should be tracking their campaign ROI stats.

Beyond that, the 2020 Transactional Email Benchmark Report from Sparkpost shows how your clients are missing out on keeping their customers happy. Nearly every business sends out transactional emails. Whether these emails are order confirmations or receipts, your clients should take advantage of these opportunities to deepen the relationship with their customers.

Transactional Email Messaging

One mistake that business owners make is allowing a variety of departments to create and send transactional emails without review by marketing professionals. At least 33% of email messages fall into this category, which may mean the communications are not proofread. When a marketing professional reviews these communications, they can edit the email to make sure messaging is consistent with other content the business sends out.

A/​B Testing

It’s not always easy to tell which email messaging will drive the biggest response. A/​B testing can help. Using this method, your clients can send out a small email sample with varying elements to determine which one their customers will respond to. The messages might contain different email subject lines. Another option would be to use a formal tone with some customers and a friendly warmer tone with others. After your clients measure the response from these tests, they’ll know how to optimize their email design for the best response.

Are your clients among the 37% who don’t know how much of their email responses are coming from mobile devices? This ignorance could be costing them. If their messaging isn’t optimized for mobile devices, consumers could be turned off by the sloppy appearance of the email.

To learn more about consumers who respond to specific types of email, check out the AudienceSCAN profiles available from AdMall by SalesFuel. Share this data with your clients as you pitch your services to help them optimize their results from transactional email campaigns.