How Your Client Can Influence Gen Z B‑to‑B Buyers

BY Kathy Crosett
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If your clients are trying to influence Gen Z b‑to‑b buyers with their ad campaigns, listen up. In the b‑to‑b buying universe, Gen Z folks with their fingers on the purse strings aren’t easily impressed. A full-​page ad in a trade publication probably won’t influence their decision-​making. But marketers can reach these potential customers in other ways.

The Demands of Gen Z B‑to‑B Buyers

Shama Hyder astutely observes, in her Forbes column, that Gen Z consumers like advertising even less than millennials do. Gen Z buyers are technologically adept. They’re interested in every shiny new object that comes along, especially voice search. These folks raise social consciousness to a whole new level. “Gen Z absolutely demands” brand transparency, notes Hyder. If your clients have made the news because of an environmental disaster or a #MeToo incident, they shouldn’t try to hide it. As far as Gen Z buyers are concerned, it’s better for marketers to fess up and explain the steps they are taking to prevent future problems.

How to Influence Gen Z Buyers

So, if Gen Z consumers don’t notice traditional ads, what should your clients do? Talkwalker research indicates that younger consumers are particularly interested in what influencers have to say. Your clients can often get more ROI by using a range of influencers who have fewer followers but more credibility than the celebrities who boast a fan count in the millions.

In the Selling to SMB survey conducted by SalesFuel, younger business professionals say the following criteria are most important when they evaluate a new vendor:

  • Customer ratings/​reviews on social media 44%
  • Articles written by them 33%
  • Comments about them by others on social media 27%

These data points underscore the importance of nontraditional media in the b‑to‑b economy. If your clients aren’t using influencers or working on their social media presence, they need to get started. Remind them that they can’t rely on social media likes as a measure of success. To engage with prospects, they need to reach out through social media, as this activity can generate leads.

You can help them with this task. To get started, run a Digital Audit on them and share the results. You’ll find this tool at AdMall from SalesFuel.