How Your Clients Should Target Principled Shoppers

BY Kathy Crosett
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Shoppers have many reasons for buying products from specific vendors. Price, product quality, and convenience can all sway purchase decisions. Brand values also play a big role in influencing the purchase decisions of principled shoppers.

CorpSumers Defined

MWWPR and Wakefield Research have released the results of their second annual CorpSumer study. CorpSumers are shoppers who “base their loyalty and purchasing decisions on companies' reputations rather than just product features and price.” These are shoppers who will move on to another vendor if a company’s CEO has been involved in a #MeToo scandal. These shoppers may also look for another supplier if a brand has admitted polluting the environment or buying products from manufacturers who use slave labor.

CorpSumer Values

According to this year’s survey results, about 75% of CorpSumers will be giving their business to brands and retailers that share their values. Carreen Winters, MWWPR's Chairman of Reputation and Chief Strategy Officer reports that this attitude is far reaching. In a season when many shoppers are focused on saving money, CorpSumers believe they are making a point with their purchases. They’re funneling purchases for themselves and everyone else they buy for toward specific vendors.

CorpSumers are particularly interested in giving business to companies that maintain a respectful and traditional attitude about holidays and families. For example, staying closed on Thanksgiving Day wins points from CorpSumers. These shoppers also want businesses to take a clear stand on important social issues. CorpSumers do their homework. The judgment they make about a business’ ethical standards is based on their reputation for employee treatment.

During this busy shopping season, remind your clients that they can boost business by promoting their socially responsible actions. MWWPR estimates that about one-​third of U.S. adults fall into the CorpSumer category. To learn more about Principled Shoppers, check out the AudienceSCAN profile available at AdMall from SalesFuel.