If you think you’re a professional salesperson, could you prove it to a judge?

BY Jeffrey Gitomer
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Ask anyone in sales if they consider themselves a professional, and the response is an immediate YES. But I challenge you… if you were in court, in front of a judge, could you produce the evidence to prove you’re a professional salesperson?

Being in sales and being a professional salesperson are miles apart. People get into sales because the income potential is unlimited. The problem is, they don’t understand that to achieve their desired income, hard work at their knowledge base of selling skills is a never-​ending process. Daily effort is required to be among the best. Daily practice.

Here’s a list of what you would have to bring to court:

1. Books about selling, negotiating, positive attitude, and psychology from your library.

2. Sales podcasts from your office and car.

3. Videos about selling, famous sales lectures from your training room or living room.

4. Ticket stubs from sales seminars you attended.

5. Certificates on your wall from completed sales training programs.

6. Magazines and newsletters you subscribe to that focus on sales and sales techniques.

7. Some sales award you won for being the first, best, highest something.

How much evidence do you have? If the answer is “not enough to convict you,” develop a written program for yourself, and follow it.

Read, watch, and listen. No, it’s not “look out for the locomotive,” it’s the best way to learn new selling techniques. Read books, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. If you’re serious about the science of selling, you have no choice but to learn (if you want to earn).

Learn something new about sales or your attitude every day

Listen to a podcast or audiobook in your car instead of listening to the same old news. Try to feed your head with new knowledge that will help you make that next sale.

Want to become an expert in sales? Learning one new technique per day equals 220 new techniques per year. If you sell for five years, you’ll have over 1,000 techniques at your disposal. Amazing what you can do if you do something small every day. If you just dedicate 15–30 minutes a day to learning something new about sales and achieving a positive attitude, at the end of five years, you will be a master salesperson and have a great attitude about life.

Practice on a prospect

It is especially effective to learn a new technique in the car, and immediately try it out on your next appointment.

Once you start the learning process, don’t stop. If you gain a little knowledge, and begin to think and sound like you know everything, you develop the kind of attitude that is destined to fail. Continuing education also breeds continuing humility. Look at knowledgeable people with positive attitudes; they are almost always humble.

Remember when you were a teenager and you thought you knew everything? The more you expose yourself to sales podcasts and books, the further away that thought travels. Do some brain-​ups on the way to work tomorrow — you’ll make more sales, no sweat.


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