If You Want to Raise Awareness, Use TV Ads. Here's Why

BY Rachel Cagle
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Advertising isn’t just a reminder of a product or service’s existence. According to TVB’s Purchase Funnel 2019 study, 96% of consumers aren’t even aware of products or services until they see ads. Not only that, 85% of these consumers say that advertising media is what drove them to buy the product or service. With all of that exposure riding on advertising, it’s important to utilize the best medium for the job, and that’s TV.

According to the TVB, TV advertisements developed 56% of consumers’ awareness of products and services and sparked interest in the advertised goods in 50% of viewers. Interest led 46% to check out the business’ website and, ultimately, 43% ended up making a purchase. That’s a greater percentage than any other common media type (such as social media, radio and email), even if you combine them all! 

There’s a simple reason behind the success of ads broadcasted on TV: it’s a medium that a significant number of consumers trust. TVB reports that 83% of consumers trust local broadcast news and 68% feel they can rely on cable news.

Now, you may be thinking that, if it’s an issue of trust, TV’s influence must be focused on older generations. Millennials and younger grew up in the digital age, so they have to trust the internet and everything they see on their phones as much as they would any other medium, right? Wrong. Out of the millennial generation, 91% are influenced by TV ads.

AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel has audience profiles on each generation, as well as dozens of TV-​based audiences. There, you can find how much they’re swayed by TV ads, and which other types of ads would complement a multimedia campaign. You’ll also gain insight into each audience’s purchasing plans for this year, so your clients will know exactly which demographics to target during their next campaign.