Is impatience at an all-​time high?

BY Deborah Thomas-Nininger
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Feeling impatient…a lot? Well, you are far from alone! And I'm right in the mix with you, so let's examine
what's going on, shall we?

Here are a few of my thoughts as well as some of my observations…plus a few recommendations I'm tossing in for good measure.

  • People are more overwhelmed than ever…having stated that however doesn't give anyone a free pass to act out impatiently — agreed?
  • Often the explanation of being "busy" is supposed to placate the impatient person as you attempt to delay their request — rest assured, no one is satisfied with that response and the impatient person now also feels unceremoniously dismissed
  • As multi-​tasking has become a way of life, people often frustrate themselves and yes, heighten their impatience by juggling too much — perhaps taking a moment to prioritize would help
  • Meetings start late and end late which only exacerbates the overall time constraints as the level of impatience rises — this issue is an easy fix, but requires focus, a pre-​communicated agenda and assertive behavior that keeps the meeting on target
  • Put 5–10 minute breathers on your agenda to afford yourself opportunities to refocus and decompress — maybe a quick walk outside or a latte is what you need to soothe those pesky impatient feelings (works for me!)
  • Listen to your tone of voice and check the tone of your emails — do you sound civil and approachable or does your impatience override your professionalism?
  • When feeling impatient, put it all into perspective — is it really worth your health (and safety as you try to teach them a lesson) to lose it over the person who cut you off on the freeway?
  • Include kindness in all communication — impatience will disappear…I promise!

I never said this would be easy, but becoming more mindful of your impatience and the subsequent behaviors, will require full accountability on your part, my part, on everyone's part. Are you in?