The Important Aspects of Email Marketing Your Competition is Overlooking

BY Rachel Cagle
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Almost every consumer uses email. Consumers need email for business communication, sign up for social media and other accounts like health care, and it’s a great place to go to find your favorite companies’ latest sales. According to the Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Excellence 2018 study conducted by GetResponse and Smart Insights, it also has the best ROI of each of the nine marketing channels they researched.

Eighteen percent of business survey respondents said that email marketing has excellent ROI. Another 29% reported its ROI as good and 24% reported it as average. Only 11% of respondents reported email’s ROI as poor or very poor. In fact, email’s ROI is so good that 47% of respondents said that their companies plan to increase their email ad budget this year, while only 4% plan to decrease spending.

Email was also shown to be a massive driving force for traffic on a company’s landing page. Email was a source of landing page traffic for 21% of the companies surveyed. The next source in line is organic social media with only 16% in comparison.

With all the positivity responders show toward email marketing, some survey results are shocking.

Every marketer knows that personalization is a major part of advertising success, especially in email where recipients are receiving dozens of email ads every single day. However, according to survey results, 53% of respondents are not using any form of targeting. Each one of their recipients is receiving the exact same email, regardless of whether or not it applies to them as an individual. This will make your client’s emails stand out to consumers even more if you can encourage them to increase their targeting strategy. Have your clients segment their customers into groups based on common factors such as gender or zipcode so that their automated emails will seem more personalized to the receivers.

Another alarming survey result that can give your clients an edge is how frequently responders have been sending out emails. GetResponse says that to make sure emails are being seen while avoiding being marked as spam mail, companies should send out no more than six emails each month. Sixteen percent of respondents send out more than that regularly, 17% only send out one email a month, and 17% don’t even know how many times a month they’re sending emails. No more than six is the sweet spot in email marketing. Make sure your clients know that.

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