Impress Buyers With These 2 Tips

BY Jessica Helinski
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It’s not always easy to impress buyers, especially as more come to the table having already learned a lot about you and what you’re selling. But by focusing on the customer experience from the very beginning, you can delight buyers and stand out from competitors. LinkedIn’s Sean Callahan shares suggestions for doing so, including these two tips:

  1. Compliment your competition
  2. Put a twist on sales presentations

Impress buyers by putting their experience first

The first tip Callahan shares involves doing something unexpected: You will totally impress buyers by complimenting competitors. This tip actually aligns well with what buyers want (or don’t want). For many buyers, not understanding their own competitors is a deal-​breaker when choosing a seller to work with. Buyers want to work with someone who is aware of, and understands, others’ competing offerings and can demonstrate how their own product or service is a better solution. 

As Callahn points out, “This seems like an area of opportunity for many sales teams. You might know your own solutions inside and out, but if you can’t provide deeper insight about the other options they’re considering, will you really be able to help guide and ease their journey?”

Then, you can impress buyers by not only demonstrating your knowledge of the competition, but also giving them praise. Sellers often make the mistake of disparaging competitors to highlight their own strengths; this can be a major turn-​off to prospects. 

Instead, Callahan suggests an alternate strategy that still shows your knowledge of the competition but also puts you in a better light. “Be forthright about the strengths and qualities of alternatives to help buyers weigh the benefits and make decisions confidently,” he explains. This simple shift in perspective will impress buyers and help establish trust and credibility. You will be portraying yourself as an honest “straight shooter” who genuinely values the prospect and wants the best for their business–even if it means another vendor. 

Put a twist on your sales presentation

It’s likely that your prospect has sat through many sales presentations. Enhance their customer experience by making yours stand out. First, make sure that your presentations are adapted to modern audiences; a stale old-​school slide deck certainly won’t impress buyers. As SalesFuel’s Tim Londergan points out, “Knowledge, experience and technology have merged to provide today’s sales professional with the tools needed to perform in our new environment. The modern sales presentation combines current technology with behavioral psychology to bring forth the ultimate sales pitch.”

There are many ways you can weave creativity into your sales presentations to impress buyers. From pre-​built templates that provide visual interest to encouraging engagement with an activity, sellers have many options to ensure their presentations stand out. This, as Callahan writes, makes “your presentations more interesting and memorable for buyers who have likely witnessed their fair share.” 

Just be sure to personalize and adapt aspects of your presentation to match each prospect. Today’s sellers should never take a one-​size-​fits-​all approach when crafting a presentation. Consider every element from your own presentation style (would they appreciate a connector or instructor style?) to how you conduct the Q&A session. You’ll impress buyers with your attention to detail and knowledge of their preferences. 

Stand out by focusing on providing a stellar experience

Successful sellers understand that the customer experience should be a primary focus. Today’s buyers are even willing to pay a premium for what they feel is a “superior customer experience,” according to SalesFuel’s Voice of the Buyer study. Take the time and effort to impress buyers, and you’ll instantly stand out from competitors and establish your value.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels