In-​Person Sales For Solar And Beyond

BY Jessica Helinski
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Despite the prevalence, and importance, of digital in today’s sales world, in-​person sales still is important. Being face-​to-​face with a prospect can be the deciding factor in whether the sales process moves forward or not. And, in the solar panel sales industry, heading door-​to-​door is still a tried and true method. What can a salesperson do to make these sales calls more effective? Willie Jiang penned an article for SolarFeeds​.com that shares industry professional advice for making the most of in-​person selling.

Focus on learning, not teaching

One tip is to not make the discussion centered on educating the prospect about your business. This is especially true for solar sales, as many reps may feel the need to go into detail to help the homeowner understand the industry. Instead, your first step should be learning about the prospect. As Jiang points out, “As a sales rep, your job is to help homeowners make their buying decision by asking relevant questions to figure out what they know or do not know about solar energy to understand their pain areas or interests.”

Anticipate rejection

Not every prospect is going to want to buy. Some won’t even want to listen to your sales pitch. Get used to it. By realizing that you will hear “no” on some days, you can set yourself up to handle and actually learn from the rejection. This will only make you a stronger, and more confident, salesperson. Also, prevent wasting time selling solar to someone who isn’t a good fit or too polite to stop you from continuing your in-​person pitch. You can do this by making sure those initial questions are specific enough to qualify the prospect.

The article includes even more tips for in-​person sales pitches (especially those made door to door), as well as other helpful suggestions, even a solar canvassing lead example. And, Jiang encourages readers that “Door-​to-​door sales is an art that takes preparation, good presentation, and presence of mind.”