Inclusive Ads Boost Sales and Ad Visibility

BY Rachel Cagle
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It is crucial to LGBTQIA+ community of consumers that businesses claiming to be their allies represent them in advertising. “Brands that act as “corporate allies” to the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities by featuring same-​sex couples in ads are likely to see an uplift in purchase and recommendation intent among these audiences,” reports WARC. Inclusive ads take little effort and can boost sales significantly.

Boost Sales and Visibility Using Inclusive Ads

Employees at the University of San Diego recently conducted a study that monitored how inclusive ads affect LGBTQIA+ consumers’ drive to make purchases and recommend brands. The study included the rating of aspects such as appeal, trustworthiness and fit. When members of the LGBTQIA+ community saw inclusive ads that featured at least one same-​sex or other-​sex couple, researchers found that, “individuals who saw advertisements congruent with their own sexual identity registered higher purchase intentions and likelihood to recommend a brand,” said WARC.

This particular study was conducted using ads in a digital magazine. Not only did the participants react to the inclusive ads, many ended up going over the magazine in its entirety.

And, last year, magazines (both print and digital) were only the 14th most influential advertising medium for Lesbian /​ Gay /​ Bisexual /​ Transgender /​ Asexual /​ Queer /​ Intersex consumer audience, according to AudienceSCAN research on AdMall by SalesFuel. No matter which media form your clients decide to place their inclusive ads on, the LGBTQIA+ is likely to respond well, which can boost sales. In particular, last year, the advertising media that were the top influencers of the Lesbian /​ Gay /​ Bisexual /​ Transgender /​ Asexual /​ Queer /​ Intersex consumer audience were:

  • Ads on social networks
  • Sponsored search results
  • TV commercials
  • Direct mail ads

This consumer audience is also 26% more likely than other consumers to take action after seeing pre-​roll video ads.

If your client has been dragging their feet concerning openly showing their support of the LGBTQIA+ community through inclusive ads, it’s time they knew the truth. And that truth is that the community and their allies will take notice of the ads, appreciate them, and take action by making purchases (which will boost sales) and sharing the ad itself.