Inspiration is the key to action and achievement

BY Jennifer Gluckow
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Paris is my second favorite city in the world (after New York, of course!).

Think croissants, baguettes, macaroons, crepes, okay enough about food…the shopping, the sites, the culture, the art, the fashion, the architecture, and even the people. Yes, the people of Paris.

I’m inspired about what sets Paris apart from other cities.

What makes it set the standard for other cities.

Think about what inspires you?

Think about what sets you apart?

Think about what standards you are setting?

Here are 12 things I am inspired by in Paris.

Think about these sources of inspiration and apply (do) them to your business inspiration…

1. Appreciation for what’s old. When you walk around the city, it’s hard not to appreciate the architecture, the beautiful monuments and buildings that exist everywhere.

THINK ABOUT: The level of pride people had when creating the architecture and the care they took creating the buildings. The “pride outcome” has lasted for hundreds of years, and will never disappear.

DO: What’s your present level of pride? Measure your own pride in your work. Do you have enough to continue or should you look for something you can be more proud of?

2. Appreciation for what’s new. While the French may be nostalgic about their city, their fashion is always ahead of its time, setting trends for the rest of the world. French people have fashion and take care in choosing their wardrobe. They dress for success each and every day – and they take high pride in their “look.”

THINK ABOUT: How do you dress? Do you look put together on some days and schlubby on others? Or do you always look ready to meet your next customer?

DO: Spend more time putting yourself together and looking presentable so that you always look ready to make the sale. If you look the part, you’ll have more success.

3. Appreciation for tradition. There are a lot of family traditions. Family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Most kids don’t move out until they get married – very different from the US where many move out at 18.

THINK ABOUT: What are your traditions? What do you need to do to strengthen them so they don’t get lost? Are any of your traditions getting in your way? What kind of new traditions could you create?

DO: Honor your family traditions.

4. The joy of big city transportation (metro and uber). The metro is one of the best public transportation systems in the world – it’s easy to get around, the signage is phenomenal and the trains run almost every 2 minutes. Not only do you know when the next train will arrive, but now they have trackers on their buses letting you know when the next bus will arrive in real-​time. And, most French people (taxi-​drivers not included) were excited for the start of uber. Getting around is easy.

THINK ABOUT: How easy is it for your customer to get to you?

DO: Figure out a way to get places ON TIME. “Traffic” is not an excuse.

5. Inspiration just by walking around. Everywhere you go there is inspiration (as long as you stop to smell the roses). There are incredible street bands, beautiful parks that are well preserved, beautiful well-​dressed people, and of course le piece de résistance…the Eiffel Tower.

THINK ABOUT: What do you surround yourself by? Who do you surround yourself by?

DO: Take a walk every day. Look at what’s around you and begin to notice and appreciate your surroundings. Also, create a work area that inspires you.

6. Appreciation for language and communication. The French language is beautiful. Not just their words, but their hand gestures and facial expressions.

THINK ABOUT: How you communicate.

DO: Practice IMPROVING your communication skills and your presentation skills.

7. Appreciation for each meal. Bon apetit! Eat with intention. The French have pride in making their food and eating their food.

THINK ABOUT: What you’re putting into your mouth.

DO: Make each meal savory and begin the meal being grateful.

8. The joy of rain. When you’re in Paris and it’s raining, who cares, you’re in Paris!

THINK ABOUT: The joy you had as a kid when it rained.

DO: Jump in a puddle. Have more fun.

9. The joy of an annual bucket list check off. Yes, annual. Once is never enough.

THINK ABOUT: What’s on your bucket list that you’re going to check off THIS YEAR?

DO: Schedule time and budget to check something off before the end of the year. Buy a ticket to someplace and GO!

10. The joy of rarely seen but loved family. Even though we communicate often by text, email and social media, nothing beats face-​to-​face family meetings and meals.

THINK ABOUT: Which family do you wish you could see more often?

DO: Schedule time and plan a trip to see them.

11. The joy of never quite enough or leave wanting more cultural excitement.Whenever I leave Paris,my mind is already planning my next trip. Even with full days from 6 AM to 10 PM, there’s never quite enough time to see all the exhibits, see all my friends and family, or eat at every restaurant I want.

THINK ABOUT: Where is your #happyplace? Your place of deep inspiration?

DO: Book your trip today.

I’ve just given you 11 topics to think about and improve on.

Number 12 is YOU. Think about yourself and how you want to do more, get more, make more, have more and especially go more. Make the list and self impose deadlines. Make a plan and inspire yourself to take action.

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