How to Inspire Client Loyalty

BY Rachel Cagle
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Who is easier to work with: someone you already do business with or someone new you haven’t found yet? Exactly. Maintaining your relationships with existing clients is imperative to your business, especially when it comes to making sales. Inspiring your clients’ loyalty is one of the best ways to ensure they will want to continue to buy from you. In his article, “Evolving Customer Loyalty Trends Help Facilitate Sustainable Growth,” Ajay Paghdal suggests a few traits needed to inspire this kind of business relationship and, therefore, success as well.

1.     Empathy
When people feel that they are understood, they feel more comfortable. The problem with the mindset of a lot of salespeople is that they sometimes forget that no one is going to know as much about what is being sold as the person doing the selling does, regardless of whether the buyer is a new client or an existing one. Remember that and act empathetically, both when selling and in your availability to your clients after the sale. If you do that, you’ll succeed in making your clients more comfortable, and being comfortable goes hand-​in-​hand with being satisfied, which often leads to loyalty.

2.     Humanity
Empathy is a very human trait, so, in order to successfully be empathetic, you need to make sure that your interactions with your clients are as non-​mechanical as possible. Don’t send them emails that are obviously copied and pasted, don’t talk to them like you’re reading from a script when you’re on the phone; personalize your interactions. When it is clear to clients that they are interacting with a person who listens and cares enough to personalize their service, those clients will feel more appreciated, comfortable and satisfied.

3.     Proactivity
Don’t be the salesperson who makes the sale and disappears. Being proactive in the business relationship that you have with your clients is a great way to stay alert to any problems that may arise and to make yourself readily available for feedback and questions that your clients may have. Customer satisfaction will easily stem from your clients’ knowledge that they have empathetic, personalized service readily available to them. To top it all off, this will also make the next sale you propose to your clients seem less out of the blue.