Inspiring Leadership: Getting Your Team Fired Up

BY Tammy Holyfield
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Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leaders have a great responsibility not only to create vision but to communicate that vision in a manner that will inspire those around them into action.

Here is the truth: When you gathered your entire organization in one room to unveil the strategies and brilliant plans you had spent the last 30 days and sleepless nights to create; only about half even heard what you said.  The other half was dialed into their own work, the endless whirlwind of e‑mails, voice mails and everyday stuff.

Gallup Poll did a survey and asked 1.4 million people if they knew the goals of their company.  The results were eye opening – less than 30 percent polled even knew what the goals were.  So, we not only need to get them on board but get them passionate about the execution.  Here are a few suggestions—


Communicate the “Big Picture,” the vision of the future, the dream.  The leader has great responsibility to DREAM BIG, and transfer the knowledge, passion and purpose to the followers. Everyone must KNOW the GOAL.  Tell it, teach it, preach it and when you think they have it, tell them again.


Translation is the ART of KNOWING your PART. Make sure everyone knows how their efforts, each department, and the individual/​area goals make the corporate goals reachable. We must also translate daily activity to the achievement of the corporate goals. Ask the question… what are we doing this week to move the corporate goals forward? Help them understand what is in it for them.


We must enable success. Have we given everyone the proper tools to succeed? Do we have systems in place?


Is there a spirit of collaboration?  Is everyone in agreement that this is the most important goal?


There must be a healthy, transparent and trusting environment in which we hold each other accountable for honoring our commitments and keeping our promises. We need to report and share the progress, celebrate victories and adjust actions if necessary.

Assess Progress

Are we there yet?   We need to keep track of where we are and how far to the GOAL line. Example: United Way does an excellent job of keeping us informed as to how close they are to achieving the goal. We must know how we are doing; it gives us renewed energy to press on.