Interactive Sales Presentations Will Wow and Engage Audiences

BY Jessica Helinski
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Looking to boost engagement and interest when you present? Consider creating an interactive sales presentation. This type of presentation can not only drive more interest but also encourage audience participation. 

What Is An Interactive Sales Presentation?

Specifically, an interactive presentation goes beyond the basics to invite audience participation. Using specific content, tools and styles, sellers can make prospects part of the presentation. Immersive experiences can make a bigger impact when it comes to interest and engagement. 

By getting your audience involved, you're not just delivering a sales pitch, you're creating a conversation,” according to Paperflite. “You're building a relationship with your customer that can lead to long-​term success.”

Adding interactive elements also helps personalize the experience for your prospect. Often, sellers rely on stale slides that they recycle for various prospects. But offering an interactive can enhance that personal connection. 

As the professionals at PandaSuite point out, “Every client is distinct. Interactive presentations acknowledge this, turning every interaction into a client-​centric conversation. With intuitive navigation, salespeople can adapt their pitch in real-​time, forging a genuine connection with the prospect.”

Consider Including A Live Demo

Demos are a fantastic way to give your prospects a hand-​on introduction to your offering. Including a walkthrough, or even a mini demo, in an interactive sales presentation can both educate and engage. 

Give your audience a glimpse into how your solution works but avoid static slides and pictures. “By incorporating animations, videos, and other interactive elements, presenters can hold their audience's attention…and convey the value proposition of their product in a more impactful way,” Paperflite points out. 

To add even more of a personal punch, the professionals at Reprise suggest an audience-​driven approach. 

Make demos that look, feel and respond like a real product interaction…so you can move around within it freely and easily. This way, you can ask discovery questions like, ‘What feature would be most helpful to you’?” 

Doing so allows the prospect to hone in on the specific features that interest them. This non-​linear approach is more audience-​friendly, allowing for you to share what is most valuable to them and their business.

Use A Variety of Digital Tools and Multimedia

A key element of interactive sales presentations is appealing visuals that invite engagement. Animations can be used to showcase more complex aspects of your solution. Or consider using video to demonstrate specific features or showcase customer testimonials. 

Other tools you can use to create an immersive experience include polls, customized charts, augmented reality, and quizzes. Gamifying your presentation is also another option to encourage participation. 

Offer A Q&A Session

Another way to add interactive sales elements to your presentation is to include a question-​and-​answer session. Carve out time to specifically devote time to a Q&A. Expect clients to ask questions at the end of a presentation.

As SalesFuel explains, “Post-​presentation Q&A sessions are a fantastic way to help your audience understand more fully the information you presented, as well as encourage engagement…and discussion which helps with building rapport and credibility.”

If you haven’t had a devoted Q&A as part of your presentation, here’s some guidance to get you started. You have the opportunity to address any concerns or objections that arise during the sales process. Prepare thoughtfully by inviting prospects to be part of the conversation by inviting them to ask questions.

Keep these suggestions in mind as you prepare future presentations. There are so many ways to take them to another level by simply incorporating some interactivity. 

Your audience will appreciate the ability to engage more deeply and be more likely to understand and retain your messages. Plus, you’ll stand out from your competitors who still rely on generic slides. 

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