Is Your Client Using These Types of Video Marketing?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Consumers may be enjoying the sight of more traditional ads now that life is beginning to get back to a pre-​pandemic norm. But that doesn’t mean that they’ve given up on digital trends that started during the pandemic. According to a report by Vidyard, online video creation grew by 178% in 2021 compared to 2020. More than 1.3 million videos were created last year compared to only 760,000 in 2020. Why online video marketing? What types of video marketing are marketers creating? What type of content are they spotlighting in their videos? Get the answers below.

Is Your Client Using These Types of Video Marketing?

Why Online Video?

93% of people say that video converts the same or better than other forms of content,” reports Vidyard. On average, 54% of consumers watch videos all the way through. That’s an increase of 9% over 2020. As such, more marketers are investing larger portions of their budgets in online video marketing.

What Types of Videos are Marketers Creating?

According to Vidyard, 80% of online video marketing produced last year was user-​generated video, or videos that are created by the brand itself instead of by a professional production team. Why are marketers making videos themselves? Vidyard says it’s because this type of video is:

  • Quicker to create
  • Cheaper
  • Shows the relatable humanity of the person behind the screen”

Vidyard also reports that the most successful user-​generated video marketing is hybrid videos. Hybrid videos show primary footage on the whole screen with webcam feed in the corner of the screen showing a presenter’s face. This type of video has both the highest response rates from viewers and produces the best results.

Has your client included user-​generated and hybrid video into their online video marketing strategy?

Creating the Perfect Video Ad


There are many types of video marketing techniques out there, but which should your client be utilizing? According to Vidyard, the types of videos that businesses are investing in include:

  • Brand: 53%
  • Live: 53%
  • Social: 48%
  • How-​Tos: 42%
  • Customer Testimonials: 39%
  • User-​Generated: 35%

So, for as effective as user-​generated videos are, there are five more categories that rank above them. At least for now. Are any of them used by your client?


Consumers have proven to have fairly short attention spans when it comes to consuming online media, especially advertisements. So, what’s the sweet spot for video creation?

As you may have guessed, the shorter your video ad is, the better chances it’ll have of viewers watching it all the way through. According to Vidyard, consumers, on average, engage with different video lengths for differing amounts of time:

  • 0- to 60-​second ads: 62% of viewers will watch the video all the way through. 99% will stick around for the first six seconds before viewership steadily decreases
  • 61- to 120-​second ads: 56% of viewers will watch all the way to the end. 94% will stick around for the first 10% of the video (six to 12 seconds, depending on the full length)
  • 121- to 600-​second ads: 55% of viewers will watch the whole thing, with 92% watching the first 10% of the video

After the 600-​second mark, fewer viewers will make it all the way to the end of the video, no matter which types of video marketing your client is using.

The moral of the story: Put the most important information first (within the first six seconds, if you can).


Last but not least, where should your client distribute their types of video marketing? Here are the top distribution channels among marketers:

  • Social Media: 63%
  • Website: 63%
  • YouTube: 54%
  • Landing Pages: 47%
  • Marketing Emails: 47%

If you’d like to see which of these marketing channels your client’s target audience responds to the most, and therefore, where you should place your client’s video ads, check out their audience profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.

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