It’s Time To Check In With Clients Who Need Website Optimization

BY Kathy Crosett
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Your clients can’t afford to set up a website and then let it sit untouched while it serves as the online face for their business. The dominant search engine, Google, is constantly being updated. If you stay current with the updates, you can make sure clients’ websites score a higher position on the all-​important search engine results page.

When considering what to optimize for 2019, check out Chuck Price’s advice. Price recently outlined the top steps to take in terms of website design and content strategy.

Website Design

We all know mobile rules these days. Google is definitely awarding points to sites that are mobile-​friendly. Consumers are in a hurry these days, so you should test your clients’ sites with an emphasis on page speed. The average load time clocks in 22 seconds. Your clients can move to the front of the SERP with a faster load time. To get a read on your clients' site loading statistics, use the Digital Audit tool available from AdMall at SalesFuel.

Remember to stay away from pop-​ups on mobile site design. Your clients want their content to be seen, not covered up.

Content Strategy

And while we're on the topic of content, remind your clients that mobile pieces should be short and sweet. Start with a brief and direct meta title. Then, move into content that will improve “the quality of the user experience.” Encourage your clients to produce unique content that can help users. This kind of information gives consumers a reason to continue engaging.

The same holds true for credible content. If your clients are pitching solutions for medical problems, medical professionals should be authoring the content.

Google ranks pages higher when content includes the right kind of links. Sell your client on a link reclamation service. That means you’ll go through their site whenever content is removed, URLs are changed or the website is redesigned. In all those cases, links can be broken. Users don’t like encountering the 404 error, and the Google crawler knows it. Your clients’ sites can maintain higher list positions when links are clean.

The Audience

Above all, your clients need to keep their target audiences in mind. New research from Clutch shows that 83% of folks want to browse websites that have an updated appearance. And they're looking for functional navigation that includes easy homepage access and a search bar. Shoppers have limited time to spend browsing the web these days. Make sure your clients' sites attract and hold attention.