Kick Off Your Sales Career With These Tips

BY Jessica Helinski
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The sales profession is full of newcomers to the industry. And, many new reps actually started their careers in entirely different fields. In a recent Inc. article, founder of Salesfolk, Heather R. Morgan interviews Alice Heiman, a former elementary school teacher who made the big change to selling. Heiman shares tips for anyone wanting to break into the world of sales, regardless of age or experience. Below are a couple of her tips:

Find a company with a positive sales culture.

For your first job in sales, it’s vital to find a company that cares about and invests in its reps. Sales coaching and training should be available so that employees have the opportunity to constantly improve. Additionally, look for a company driven by honesty, openness, and data. “Everyone on the sales team should be able to see the numbers and understand which parts of the sales cycle are working and where they need to improve,” Morgan writes. “… This kind of transparency can go far in empowering people to creatively fix problems. And as Heiman says, sales is all about problem solving.”

Read everything about sales.

There’s no such thing as too much information. Heiman urges new reps to learn everything about the industry, from the sales cycle itself to delivering customer service. “… you should stay informed on the the industry's latest strategies and techniques, and take the time to read success stories you find online,” Morgan explains. You’ll not only get the knowledge needed to be successful, but you'll also gain a competitive edge over other reps who don’t invest time in educating themselves.

Heiman is the perfect example that no matter how you started your career, you can find success in sales. By putting her tips into action, you can get the head start needed to thrive!