A Lack of Sales this Holiday could be Linked to Poor Outreach

BY Rachel Cagle
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If your clients are struggling with a lack of sales this holiday shopping season, it could be because of their lack of preparation earlier in the year, says Lisa Lacy writing for AdWeek. The best way for your clients to be top-​of-​mind during the busy holiday shopping season is to stay connected year-​round to their current and potential customers, both on- and offline.

How to Fix a Lack of Sales Using Outreach

Purchase Intent Research

Lacy writes that shoppers generally consider purchases for nine days or more before pulling the trigger on a sale. The average time consumers spend researching future purchases is divided. 68% of research time is spent online and 32% is conducted through traditional methods. Of the research time spent online, 57% was done on mobile devices.

Mobile and Online Video in the Consumer Tech Industry

Consumers spend more than half of their decision-​making research time on their mobile devices. Are your clients prepared for that? Especially if they are in the tech industry: 24% of consumer electronics purchases were made on mobile devices this year. Tech purchases are also swayed by online video. Not only are tech product shoppers swayed by online videos that they find and watch in their spare time, 50% also look up online videos while they are in a store shopping. When online video is included in a consumer electronics buying process, consumers will spend 21% more on their purchases, on average. Online video ads could help save your client from a lack of sales.

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