Have You Learned These Key Lessons from Your Clients?

BY Rachel Cagle
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In light of the new year, Tasha Eurich offers some of the lessons she learned in 2016 in her article, “5
Essential Lessons My Clients Taught Me in 2016

  1. Weather the Storm of Change

Eurich says that, “In the winds of change, don’t build a wall, build windmills.” Some salespeople have the tendency to bunker down and attempt to revert change. This response is limiting. Change is an opportunity waiting to be seized by those brave enough to face it and shape it into something better. Being able to adjust and thrive as change is happening is a rare and useful skill that can only be learned by trying. It’s also something that not many members of your profession possess, so get ahead of them while they’re still scrambling.

  1. Make Your Clients Teammates

You like to think you know your way around and through every problem you could encounter as a salesperson. The fact is, you can’t prepare for everything. There will be times when an issue will slip past while you’re trying to keep an eye on all your clients. However, your clients will notice when something goes wrong, maybe even before it fully takes root. This is why feedback from your clients is so important. Your clients can alert you to problems you may not have noticed at first and may also have a solution in mind that you wouldn’t have thought of off-​hand. Not only does that feedback benefit the both of you by getting the issue solved, it also makes the client feel involved. That kind of teamwork is the perfect way to nurture a successful business relationship.

  1. Sow Good Deeds

You reap what you sow” is a popular proverb for a reason. If you aren’t invested in your clients, they’ll return the favor in kind, if they return to you at all. While this thought can be frightening, remember that it’s just as easy to sow good deeds. Taking the time to get to know your clients and their needs, addressing them and being proactively open to feedback will spark good feelings in your business relationships. When you make your customers happy, they’ll not only come back for business again and again, they may even recommend you to others they know.

  1. Give Thanks

If you’re invested in your clients, you need to make sure you actively prove that to them. One of the easiest way to do this is through a simple thank you. Writing a personalized email of thanks to your clients shows that you view them as more than a sale to be closed. A word of thanks shows your clients their value and also doubles as a way to keep communication open between the two of you.